Studio Access

Australian Print Workshop’s Open Access Studio offers professional printmaking equipment and facilities for experienced printmakers to print their own work.

APW’s spacious, well-maintained and equipped, air-conditioned studio, located in the heart of Fitzroy’s Gertrude Street has facilities for etching, lithography, relief printing and monoprinting.  Artists work in a productive friendly atmosphere alongside other printmakers.        


How can I use APW’s Open Access Studio facilities?

Artists wishing to use APW’s Open Access Studio must be able to demonstrate experience in printmaking, confidence in handling printing equipment and materials, and a capacity to work independently.

Artists are only able to use APW’s Open Access Studio to work in the printmaking techniques where they have demonstrated this capacity.

APW’s Open Access Studio is an unsupervised workspace. Technical support is not available to Open Access Studio artists, but APW offers an education program where artists can refresh and update their printmaking skills or train in a new technique.

For artists who have recently completed one of APW’s printmaking classes – and are keen to build their printmaking skills - APW also offers Studio Classes that provide supervised use of the APW Open Access Studio.

APW’s Open Access Studio is open Wednesday to Saturday, 9am-5pm. Studio equipment and facilities may be booked for either a full day (9am-5pm) or half a day (9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm).

Artists must attend a studio orientation session before using APW’s Open Access Studio. This will cover OH&S procedures, the safe use of equipment and materials and other procedures for using the Open Access Studio. Contact us to register to attend an orientation session. There is no charge for these sessions.

All APW Open Access Studio artists are required to undertake a studio orientation annually to ensure that they are up-to-date with procedures, equipment and materials.


What printmaking equipment and facilities are available?

APW Open Access Studio printmaking equipment and facilities include:


  • Hilton manual etching press (bed size 165cm x 100cm)
  • Hilton manual etching press (bed size 168cm x 100cm)
  • Late 19C etching press (bed size 88cm x 38cm)
  • Compressed blankets (felt) – various sizes
  • Woven blankets (limited number available on request)
  • Guillotine for cutting metal plates
  • Aquatint box (including rosin)
  • Area for smoking plates (including tapers)
  • 2 Hotplates 
  • Hard and Soft Grounds
  • Rollers for applying hard & soft grounds
  • Bitumen, Shellac, Magnesium carbonate, Whiting, Metal polish, Soy sauce (for degreasing)
  • Ferric chloride bath (maximum size 125cm x 98cm) for etching copper
  • Large stainless steel sink for soaking paper

Relief Printing

  • Albion press (platen size 60cm x 45cm)
  • Albion press (platen size 48.5cm x 36.5cm)
  • Columbian press (platen size 49.5cm x 39.5cm)
  • Quality rollers and brayers (sizes from 9cm to 52cm wide)


  • Takach-Garfield motorized lithography press (bed size 176cm x 100cm)
  • Takach-Garfield manual lithography press (bed size 142cm x 85cm)
  • Tympans & Scraper bars (various sizes)
  • Over 100 lithography stones (sizes from 18x30cm to 73x102cm)
  • Graining sink and 2 levigators (for graining lithography stones)
  • Carborundum Grit (grades: 60,  80, 180, 240)
  • Synthetic rollers (sizes from 9cm to 52cm wide)
  • Leather nap rollers (size: 36cm wide)
  • Stainless steel buckets (for lithography)
  • Files & rasps
  • Nitric acid and Phosphoric acid
  • Counter etch (diluted acetic acid)
  • Bitumen (wash out solution)
  • Rosin & talc
  • Muslin for buffing stones
  • Roll-up black ink (for rolling up only)

Other Facilities include

  • Ventilated process room with fume extraction
  • Methylated spirits, Turpentine, XL wash (for cleaning)
  • Lightbox 
  • Cutting matts & steel rulers
  • Large drying rack and drying boards
  • Glass top inking slabs & ink knives
  • Expansive bench space
  • Fume extraction system in the Studio and Nederman for localised fume extraction


What is the cost?

APW’s Open Access Studio rental fees are kept as low as possible and are subsidised by the Workshop.

Full price: 

  • $30 per day
  • $18 per half day

Concession (full-time students and pension card holders):

  • $22 per day
  • $15 per half-day

There are additional small charges for graining litho stones and processing etching plates.


A selection of original limited edition fine art prints produced by Artists at Australian Print Workshop are available for purchase from the APW Gallery and online through the APW Printstore.