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Memory & History
The Australian Print Workshop’s project Memory & History featured limited edition prints by five leading Australian artists: Ruth Johnstone, Akio Makigawa, Maryanne Mungatopi, David Wadelton and Judy Watson.

Invited to collaborate with the Australian Print Workshop’s Senior Printer, Martin King, each artist produced two works based on the themes of memory and history.

Ruth Johnstone’s lithographs Rosemary for remembrance of things past and Lavender for remaining chaste refer to herbal lore. These works continue Ruth’s concern with personal and cultural histories and their reinterpretation. She suggests ‘that scent engages the senses in a very particular way by locating the past and displacing that past into the present’.

Akio Makigawa’s etchings depict the memory of place and personal history. Omoide I and Omoide II contain memories of the Japanese landscape of Akio’s childhood, interwoven with sculptural forms imagined, but yet to be constructed.

Maryanne Mungatopi’s etchings portray Puruluparli and Bima, the first people on the Tiwi Islands and their descendants, Murrukupwara and Malakaninga, a young woman and man. Purukuparli passed down to the Tiwi the correct way to bury their dead – the dances, the songs, the designs and other traditions used in burial ceremonies. Murrukupwara and Malakaninga are painted and decorated for a Purukaparli ceremony. They wear parmajini (armbands), tokwayinga (feather ball neckpieces), dingo hair ornaments and body paint.

David Wadelton’s lithographs History (Head) and History (Torso) take as their subject matter, fragments of classical sculpture. The images of historical relics sourced from museums, juxtaposed with objects from the 20th century present the viewer with constructed landscapes that create new histories, presenting tension between past and present.

Judy Watson’s etching Pool continues her exploration of issues of Aboriginal culture and its identification with the land. Museum Piece investigates notions of the ‘collection’ of Aboriginal cultural material, its presentation and the creation of histories within the context of an institution.

Memory & History fulfils the Australian Print Workshop’s aim to assist artists with the creation of new works in the print medium. The resulting suite of limited edition prints is an exceptional body of work.

The Australian Print Workshop Gallery and online Printstore stocks a selection of these works for sale.

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History (Head)

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